Higher quality enrollment. Results-driven fundraising. Institution-360 insights, accessible to all skateholders.

All of this – and more – is available for with the Abilis Data Rocket for Higher Education, a turn-key data management solution that puts data to work for higher education leaders.

Abilis Data Rocket for Higher Education is a low-cost land on data architecture that will change the way you use data to make decisions.

During this live one-hour webinar, participants will learn:

Abilis Data Rocket Value

  • How Data Rocket accelerates time to insights and proves value in cloud-based architecture with a simple, low-cost land.
  • You will have a working prototype in 3 months to answer mission-critical questions that you have.

The Power of Talend, Snowflake and Tableau or PowerBI

  • Talend provides the tools to do batch and real-time data ingestion and Gartner-leading data quality processing
  • Snowflake Cloud Data Platform scales up and out automatically in a pay-per-use model so cost equals value, while minimizing administrative and operational overhead and creating easy, secure data sharing.
  • Tableau or PowerBI enables self-service visual analytics to let business users explore data, get cognitive insights and realize final-mile value from their data.

Landing the Rocket and Beyond

  • Data Rocket provides immediate impact for higher education institutions – unlocking insights, proving value and demystifying data modernization for stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • What questions could data help YOU answer? How could you use your data to gain insights and guide your institution?


•1:00 P.M.– 1:15 P.M. Overview Problem & Solution

•1:15 P.M. – 1:45 P.M. Data Rocket Demonstration

•1:45 P.M. – 2:00 P.M. Actions & Benefits & Q&A

To learn how higher education leaders can use data to boost quality enrollment and optimize fundraising efforts at the Abilis Data Rocket webinar, click here.