There are few places the impacts of the COVID-19 can be felt with greater impact than the campuses of colleges and universities worldwide. Forced to shift to remote learning at the onset of the global health crisis, higher education institutions must now prepare for an tumultuous future that is all but certain to exacerbate financial uncertainties already in play.

As author Derek Newton explains in an article in Forbes, the COVID-19 pandemic will likely lead to increased competition for students. “The cost of competition and recruiting was already out of control, driving up actual college costs for students and taxpayers alike. But it’s going to get worse,” Newton writes. Compounding issues include a decline in foreign student enrollment and inability to predict how many students who are accepted will enroll – due to economics or concern over the pandemic.

Luckily, higher education leaders have access to technology that takes data out of siloes and enables responsive, proactive, fact-based decision-making.

Abilis Corp technology partners Snowflake, Talend and Tableau have worked to together to offer Abilis Data Rocket for Higher Education – a turn-key modern data architecture solution that proves the value of a cloud-based data architecture in low cast land.

Abilis Data Rocket empowers higher education leaders with an Institution-360 view of operations, fundraising and enrollment. The Data Rocket allows decision-makers to use data to answer questions such as:

  • Can I predict enrollment headcount based on historical trends?
  • Am I achieving 2nd year retention rate goals?
  • Where is enrollment trending up where do we need to invest?
  • How are course evaluations trending and what action do we need to take for improvement?
  • Am I attracting the optimal student profile to support our mission?
  • How is department enrollment and associated financial picturetrending?
  • Is fundraising by program and annual giving on track to achieve goals?
  • Am I maximizing the value of alumni engagement activities?
  • How do I become a KPI driven culture to support strategic goal alignment across the College / University System?

Interested in learning more about the Abilis Data Rocket for Higher Education? Sign up for a free, one-hour webinar on June 23, and learn how Data Rocket gives you trustworthy, institution-wide data, while saving up to 25% on infrastructure and maintenance.