Abilis Data Rocket® for Higher Education is a turn-key data architecture modernization tool, but your organization has unique goals, challenges, strengths and liabilities. Abilis offer complimentary Discovery Calls to help customize the Data Rocket to meet your needs.

During your Discovery Call, you will get one-on-one time with Abilis Corp data architects – systems engineers with decades of experience helping organizations just like yours adapt their information ecosystem to emerging technologies.

What to Expect from Your Discovery Call

You will leave your Discovery Call with the following:

  • Determine areas where updated infrastructure can benefit your bottom line – through decreased maintenance, increased productivity, and elimination of the costly overhead for on-prem systems.
  • Identify the pain points in your organization that can be alleviated with data democratization, de-siloed data, and ingestion and reporting that delivers trustworthy data, on-time, in a digestible and usable way.
  • Gain guideposts to consider as you determine the best way to use today’s leading cloud data technology solutions to inform and amplify your institutional goals, whether it is through targeted enrollment, optimized fundraising, or KPI-driven programming and initiatives.

We are here to help. Contact us today to get started on your data revolution.