Abilis Corp is proud to announce partnerships with two emerging technology innovators – HVR and SqlDMB. These new partnerships will unlock new capabilities and efficiencies for Abilis Corp clients and add to our portfolio of leading-edge data management and business intelligence solutions.

HVR – An Enterprise Data Integration Tool for Cloud, On-Prem and Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Cloud Data diagram

HVR Software was named one of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 on North America in 2019 – and for good reason.

HVR supports enterprise data estate modernization with a real-time data replication solution. The HVR platform is a reliable, secure, and scalable way to integrate large volumes of data from throughout an organization, enabling real-time data updates, access, and analysis. HVR’s software will ensure companies can maintain accurate data and change records in real time across their organization, regardless of where the data resides.

Abilis Corp Executive Vice President Pat Dionne said HVR is poised to make an immediate impact on Abilis Corp’s solutions offerings for enterprise clients.

“HVR is well-aligned with partner ecosystem and ready for immediate deployment,” Pat said, noting that HVR supports data migration to every major cloud data warehousing solution. “HVR makes sure your data is where you need it, when you did.”

SqlDBM – Visual Database Design for Modeling and Architecture

SqlDBM provides innovative tooling for data modeling and data architecture for data warehouses (cloud or on-prem) – allowing architects to graphically generate the DDL scripts used to build and configure databases. The unique visual representation simplifies the data modeling process, database versioning and documentation. SqlDBM supports collaboration across teams – DB Developers, Project Managers, and Analysts can develop data models together with real time review and suggestion capabilities.

Pat said the most exciting component of SqlDBM’s tooling is the ability to collaborate around a data model.

“SqlDBM helps us work more quickly and efficiently,” he said. “Not only does SqlDBM provide value by accelerating our data modeling, it makes it easier to maintain the assets we create.”

Abilis Corp is proud to continue to offer our clients the best solutions in data architecture and business intelligence – through proven technology partners as well as emerging technology disruptors. Wondering how to modernize your data architecture? Contact us for a complimentary needs assessment.