Roux Institute to Build on Portland’s Robust Data Science Community

Roux Institute to Build on Portland’s Robust Data Science Community

Northeastern University’s announced opening of the Roux Institute at Northeastern University in Portland, Maine will be a boon for New England’s tech businesses and is good reason for Maine’s technology innovators to get excited. With headquarters in Portland, Abilis Corp looks forward to this development and the positive impacts it will have for our customers across the U.S. and Canada.

Abilis Corp has helped businesses adapt to new data technologies for more than 15 years, providing data and advanced analytics platforms for financial, energy, higher education, public health and corporate sectors. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities have been and continue to be an essential component of holistic data analytics programs, empowered by advancements in big data technologies, and cloud capabilities.

Although architecture and data systems vary from customer to customer the goal is always the same – to harness the power of data to fuel growth, productivity and innovation. The Roux Institute’s focus on machine-learning and AI will put its graduates squarely in the epicenter of emerging technologies our customers are most excited about, technologies that will shape the future of business and data analytics.

Today, ML and AI are unlocking insights and driving data decision-making across a myriad of business ecosystems. Financial industries can proactively understand customer behavior and needs in order to best compete in a global marketplace. Energy sectors can evaluate information in real time to make decisions that impact sustainability and energy delivery. Biotech companies can utilize machine learning to take vast sets of data points to create predictions and enable diagnostic breakthroughs.

At Abilis Corp, we see firsthand how appreciated Maine craftmanship is in the global technology marketplace – The Roux Institute will be well-positioned to make the most of Maine’s talented workforce and unrivalled work ethic. Working with leading-edge data technologies, we have seen how critical it is to have a talented pool of professionals who are ready to work and innovate in technologies and adapt to fully leverage data technology developments and disruptors of the future.

Abilis Corp welcomes the Roux Institute of at Northeastern University to Portland, and congratulate David and Barbara Roux, Northeastern University, Governor Janet Mills, and the City of Portland for bringing this visionary idea to fruition. We will be one of the many employers ready to employ your first round of graduates.

Industry responds to Looker and Tableau acquisitions

Industry responds to Looker and Tableau acquisitions

With news of two major acquisitions in the business intelligence marketplace, our professional partners are reacting to changes in the industry.

In this think piece, Talend reflects on why Google and Salesforce invested so heavily in Looker and Tableau. Nick Piette, director of product marketing for Talend says, “For many companies, digital transformation is about digital customer engagement. The battle for the best customer experience will be waged with the best customer insight. It will require a single customer touchpoint to captured, collected and analyzed, be it brick and mortar, mobile, web, etc. BI is the insight – data is the fuel.”

We work in a market that, by nature, must constantly adapt, evolve and grow – not just to respond to the needs of today’s business leaders, but to stay relevant in rapidly advancing technologies. Our team of system architects and engineers is focused on staying abreast and ahead of changing technologies to ensure our clients have the best data and business intelligence solutions available to them at the time.

Snowflake Announces Expansion to Google Cloud Platform

Snowflake Announces Expansion to Google Cloud Platform

Abilis Corp Executive Vice President Pat Dionne attended the 2019 Snowflake Summit earlier this week and came back with some exciting news for Snowflake users and for clients who are considering Snowflake’s data warehousing capabilities.

A speaker presents at the 2019 Snowflake Summit

Perhaps most importantly, Snowflake announced its future deployment to the Google Cloud Platform by end of 2019, becoming the only cloud data warehousing provider to work with all three major cloud providers. In addition to adding increased flexibility to clients, the move will extend cross-cloud redundancy options for best business continuity.

Snowflake also shed light on efforts to better support streaming use cases through upgrades to the Snowflake Data Pipeline, adding a Kafka connector for near real-time data ingestions, improving auto-ingest functionalities, and implementing a Streams and Tasks scheduling feature for Snowflake SQL jobs.

This is an exciting time to be in Business Intelligence and Data Architecture, and we are proud to partner with companies that are committed to staying on the cutting edge of analytics, data processing and warehousing technology.