Manufacturers rely on variety of data sources – real-time and historical – to create accurate inventory, sales forecasts, respond to changing demands and maximize profits. But a forecast is only as trustworthy as its data, and with every unique data source comes the potential for confusion, duplication, and data chaos.

Data Mastering with Passerelle Data Rocket™ integrates Talend’s Data Fabric and the Snowflake Data Cloud, using industry-best IP to create automated workflows for data deduping, stewardship and visualization. Our code and framework empowers anyone within your organization to create a Golden Record that uniquely identifies customers, products and sales records in realtime. During this one-hour webinar, you will learn how Passerelle Data Rocket™ can help you:

  • Know your unique products in order to capitalize on efficient inventory management, cost savings, positive trends, mitigate risksand evolve to meet customer demands.
  • Know your unique suppliers for cost savings and customers to better segment, market to and serve them.
  • Properly align sales force to drive customer loyalty and reduce customer attrition.
  • Fine tune supply chain to achieve income statement/balance sheet goals.

Passerelle data engineers will showcase the power of Data Rocket™ with real world data. You will leave with the understanding of how to implement Data Mastering within your organization. Our flat-fee, use-based pricing will make it possible to start immediately. The first 50 registrants will receive a $25 rewards card upon completion of the webinar. Register today.