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Business Intelligence

Do you have the tools and knowledge to make actionable plans from your data? Are you leveraging your tools and technological resources to their full potential? Do your decision makers and team leaders have the information they need, when they need it?

The right business intelligence solution should consider your corporate bandwidth, data ecosystem, and most importantly – the results you hope to get out. We work with industry-leading business intelligence developers to create solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

Work with our professional systems engineers to examine the breadth of options available to you, weight the solution options and tradeoffs, and determine the option that empowers you to meet your  goals. 


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Improved Data Management for Improved Outcomes

Northern Light Health found outdated data management systems hindered the ability of its board to make fact-based decision on a wide range of data, including patient outcomes, cost of services, and care delivery methods.

Using the Tableau Desktop interface with a Tableau Server, Excel and SQL server, Abilis Corp developed a solution for the NLH to view executive scorecards, putting the information they needed into an easily digestable and updatable formats.

Abilis Corp data architects custom built the scorecards using the agile development process, ensuring NLH could quickly enjoy the fruit of their investment.


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