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Integrated data migration, storage and reporting provided decision-makers at Camden National Bank to look at data from all departments to improve customer experience and support growth.

Snowflake Data Storage, coupled with Talend ETL/ELT and Tableau Analytics, supports data self-service across departments.
Automated data migration provides consistent, accessible information to ALL decision-makers.
Data automation allows team members to use their skills where they are needed most.

About Camden National Bank

Camden National Corporation (NASDAQ:CAC), headquartered in Camden, Maine, is the largest publicly traded bank holding company in Northern New England with $4.4 billion in assets and nearly 650 employees. Camden National Bank, its subsidiary, is a full-service community bank founded in 1875 that offers an array of consumer and business financial products and services, accompanied by the latest in digital banking technology to empower customers to bank the way they want. The Bank provides personalized service through a network of 60 banking centers, 71 ATMs, and lending offices in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, all complemented by 24/7 live phone support. Camden National Bank has received nine “Lender at Work for Maine” Awards from the Finance Authority of Maine, and Greenwich Associates named the bank a Customer Experience Leader in U.S. Retail Banking. Comprehensive wealth management, investment and financial planning services are delivered by Camden National Wealth Management. To learn more, visit Member FDIC.


Having served customers for more than 140 years, Camden National Bank has a strong reputation for excellent customer service and trusted lending partnerships. Changes in banking technology and the way consumers use online banking required Camden National Bank to continue to innovate and develop banking products that respond to market demands – combining their customer service expertise with the best in banking technology.

With its continued growth, Camden National Bank saw data silos become harder to access. Data was spread across different sources with disparate reporting mechanisms, making it difficult to access, standardize, and report on data holistically.


Passerelle worked with Camden National Bank’s Business Intelligence Architects to implement Snowflake Data Storage with Talend ETL/ELT and Tableau Analytics. Passerelle engineers helped build a modern, automated data lake architecture to support self-service in scale to meet bank goals.

Customer Response

Data democratization opened 360-degree insight into the data from different systems. Once limited to transactional data, Camden National Bank now has a business intelligence foundation that will continue to grow with every new insight. Automated data migration provides consistent, up to date, and accessible information for decision-makers. Better yet, data automation from deposits allowed team members to focus their attention to rule exceptions and away from manual data entries.

“Our reports are now much cleaner, and the pipeline is automated, making our process much less manual. Now, branch managers get consistent information in an easy-to-access fashion, without spending time pulling details from several different systems.

Maxim Hammer

Assistant Vice President of Business Intelligence, Camden National Bank