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Effective April 16, 2021

Passerelle Acquires Abilis Corp Consulting Operations

Co-founder and CEO Pat Dionne announces the formation of Passerelle – a data engineering solutions provider of modern end-to-end data management, BI and analytic platforms.

“With the formation of Passerelle, our engineers and architects will continue to develop innovative, timely solutions that respond to the changing needs of enterprise-minded clients in financial services, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and higher education” Pat said.

Passerelle acquired Abilis Corp’s non-correctional business and assets in the U.S. and Canada, building on the company’s commitment to solutions-based engineering and partnerships with leading-edge technology providers. Abilis Solutions Corp will now solely focus on servicing offender management solutions in the United States with its flagship product CORIS.

What will be the same?

Passerelle retains the technology partnerships, IP, and team leaders that have led to successful ventures across North America. We will continue to optimize the Data Rocket offering, with Data Mastering and Data Standardization releases planned in Q3 of 2021. Our company DNA is unchanged – we value craftmanship, agility, and laser-focus on solving problems in data-driven industries.

What will be different?

Expect greater focus resulting in more innovation. Clients, partners and associates of Abilis Corp can expect little to no disruption with the transition to Passerelle (and if you are wondering – it’s pronounced Pass-eh-rel). Over the next few weeks, we will begin our transition on the worldwide web – you will be able to find us at passerelledata.com and on LinkedIn @passerelle-data. Abilis Corp web and email addresses will continue to work during this transition and will be phased out over the next few months.


We would love to hear from you. Contact Pat Dionne at pat@passerelledata.com for more information about Passerelle.



Abilis Corp was a division of Abilis Solutions – a Montreal-based company focused on delivery and support of offender management solutions. While Abilis Solutions provided a jumping off point for some of the technology solutions and processes used today, the formation of Passerelle allows our leadership team to focus on building future-proof data architecture solutions.

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