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In order to provide our customers with the highest level of quality implementations, Passerelle only collaborates with companies that have a reputable and renowned reputation. Our current rooster of partnerships include industry-leading companies that have established themselves worldwide as experts, go-to-resources for their field of expertise. We are proud to be able to call upon them for their cooperation or guidance to provide our clients with platforms that are at the fine point of technological advancement in today’s market.

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Talend (NASDAQ: TLND) is a next-generation leader in cloud and big data integration software that helps companies turn data into a strategic asset that delivers real-time, organization-wide insight into customers, partners, and operations. Through its open, native, and unified integration platform, Talend delivers the data agility required for companies to meet the constantly evolving demands of modern business. With Talend, companies can easily scale their data infrastructure and rapidly adopt the latest technology innovations in cloud and big data. Talend’s solutions support over 1500 global enterprise customers including Air France, GE, and Lenovo, across a range of industries. Talend has also been recognized as a leader in its field multiple times by leading analyst firms, as well as several industry and data trade publications including InfoWorld and SD Times. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter: @Talend.

Snowflake Data Cloud delivers a pay-per-use, scalable solution capable of solving problems for which legacy, on-premises and other cloud data platforms were not designed.

Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, from the original creators of Apache Spark™, unifies data science and engineering across the Machine Learning lifecycle from data preparation, to experimentation and deployment of ML applications.

For cloud-based deployment requirements, Passerelle has teamed with Microsoft, to deploy cloud-based solutions via Microsoft Azure Government, its proven, secure, cloud-based platform engineered specifically for government demands. Fully certified against numerous US and international standards, Microsoft Azure Government is the only major cloud platform which is CJIS-compliant. With this highly-scalable, cost-effective solution, agency data resides securely in state-of-the-art data centers which are more than 500 miles apart, ensuring true geographic redundancy.

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Passerelle is a recognized leader in business intelligence integrations. Our partnership with Tableau Software is one of the principal reasons why our reputation is so well known. Tableau is rapid-fire business intelligence software that enables anyone to analyze data quickly. Its intuitive user interface means there’s no need for canned reports, dashboard widgets, or templates to get started. All you need is your data and the questions you want to answer. Tableau has transformed the way people use data to solve problems, making data analysis fast, easy and beautiful. It enables organizations to gain powerful insights into operational effectiveness and make fact-based decisions.

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HVR is a real-time data replication solution designed to move large volumes of data FAST and efficiently in hybrid environments for real-time analytics. HVR keeps data moving and in sync as new technologies for storing, streaming, and analyzing data are adopted. HVR was included in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 in 2019 -recognizing their rapid growth in revenue and subscriptions.

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The Looker Platform for Data delivers insights to user workflows, allowing organizations to extract value from their data. Over 1,600 industry-leading and innovative companies such as Sony, Amazon, The Economist, IBM, Spotify, Etsy, Lyft and Kickstarter have trusted Looker to power their data-driven cultures.

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Know and respond to every single event in your organization in real time. Like a central nervous system, Confluent creates an Apache Kafka-based streaming platform to unite your organization around a single source of truth.

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Passerelle utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide trusted, cloud-based solutions to help its customers meet their business needs. Running your solutions in the AWS Cloud can help you get your applications up and running faster while providing the same level of security that major organisations rely on. AWS also provides resources around the world, so you can deploy your solutions where your customers are. The AWS Cloud makes a broad set of services, partners, and support options easily available to help make sure that you can focus on what will make your solution a success.

SqlDBM provides innovative tooling for data modeling and data architecture for data warehouses (cloud or on-prem) – allowing architects to graphically generate the DDL scripts used to build and configure databases. The unique visual representation simplifies the data modeling process, database versioning and documentation. SqlDBM supports collaboration across teams – DB Developers, Project Managers, and Analysts can develop data models together with real time review and suggestion capabilities.

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Alteryx is the leader in self-service data analytics. Companies of all sizes realize the tremendous potential for data, but many struggle with turning that data into something they can take action upon, quickly enough for it to make a difference. With Alteryx these problems no longer slow an organization down. Alteryx Analytics provides analysts with the unique ability to easily prep, blend and analyze all of their data using a repeatable workflow, then deploy and share analytics at scale for deeper insights in hours, not weeks. Abilis’ customers requesting advanced analytical data reporting techniques, but do not have the IT support required to fulfil this requirement, can feel assured that by accessing Alteryx’s data gathering capabilities, we will be able to solve their analytical dilemmas.

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Redgate is the leading provider of software for professionals working on the Microsoft data platform. We help over 800,000 people in every type of organization around the world, from small and medium sized businesses to 91% of companies in the Fortune 100. Our products help users implement Compliant DevOps best practice for their databases, easily monitor database performance, and improve team productivity. We do all this by investing heavily in making our software intuitive to use even though we’re solving complex customer problems – something we call ingeniously simple. Help meet the needs of the business and IT, with our solutions that accelerate software delivery and aid compliance with data protection regulations. Deliver value quicker, while keeping your data safe. Redgate can help you discover hoe Compliant Database DevOps empowers your team.

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